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Ensim Servers has been upgraded with Ensim 4.0.3. This is the last version for Fedora Core witch supports Spamassassin 3.0.2, phpMyAdmin-2.6.0. Also a couple of issues was resolved.

This section describes the resolved issues of Ensim Control Panel. The numbers in parentheses

indicate the Ensim problem report (PR) number.

?_? Any update operations performed on MySQL databases once a site reaches or exceeds its

usage threshold now result in appropriate warning messages being sent to the site

administrator. (PR 35660)

Ensim Control Panel now monitors the disk space consumption by a site. When a site

reaches 80% of its allocated disk space, the warning threshold is increased to 90% and a

warning email message is sent to the site administrator. Once a site reaches or exceeds

90% of the disk space limit, the warning threshold is reset to a critical limit of 3 MB and

another warning message is sent to the site administrator. When the disk space reduces to

3 MB, an email message of critical importance is sent to the site administrator. It is

important to have corrective measures in place before the disk space consumption falls

below the critical limit.

?_? Appliance administrators can create multiple sites with the same administrator user name

only if the remote login services Telnet and SSH are disabled. However, if the services are

enabled, appliance administrators cannot create multiple sites with the same

administrator user name. (PR 35093)

?_? When a site that is not enabled with the Apache Web server is removed, all references to

the site are also successfully erased. Email messages sent to the site are now returned to

the sender. (PR 35326)

?_? The weblog cron job no longer regenerates old Microsoft?R FrontPage?R access logs.

(PR 35519)

?_? The Majordomo configuration file now displays the correct password information for

mailing lists. (PR 32827)

?_? Site administrators of sites enabled with Majordomo and SSH services can no longer log

on as the root user to the Ensim Control Panel server. (PR 40769)

?_? The backups scheduled for a site now no longer display in the list of scheduled backups of

those sites that have the same administrator user name as that of the site on which the

backup was initiated. (PR 40706)

?_? Ensim Control Panel now includes the security updates released by PHP to resolve

multiple security vulnerabilities in the service. (PR 39800)

?_? Using SMTP Auth authentication for users of a site now no longer requires a restart of the

service. (PR 39305, PR 37007)

?_? The bandwidth usage reports now display statistical information for POP, IMAP, and

SMTP traffic on a site. (PR 36830)

?_? The security vulnerability introduced after a manual upgrade of the MySQL RPM from

version 3.23 to version 4.x is now resolved. (PR 37110)

?_? Upgrading the bind service to version 9.2.4-EL3_10 no longer causes erratic functioning of

the DNS service. (PR 37298)

?_? Anonymous FTP can now be disabled on Ensim Control Panel servers running RHEL 3.

(PR 38763)

?_? Site users on Mac and other systems can now be successfully authenticated using the

SMTP authentication option AUTH PLAIN. (PR 38446)

?_? The total bandwidth usage statistics displayed on the site administrator dashboard is now

consistent with the usage report shown in the appliance administrator control panel.

(PR 38016)

?_? The period character (.) can now be included in email aliases successfully. (PR 38354)

?_? The Power Tools add-on no longer includes the bulletin board software Invision on

account of a change in the licensing policies of the software. (PR 38378)

?_? Ensim Control Panel rectifies incorrect quota checks thus enabling sites to successfully

receive email messages. (PR 37764)

?_? Modifying subdomains no longer causes their DNS entries to be removed from the zone

file. (PR 36977)


?_? Ensim Control Panel now includes the latest version of SquirrelMail, version 1.4.4.

(PR 36860)