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Additional web hosting services


Our Add-on services are designed to help your website growing needs. We offer several add-ons for your convenience:

  • 500 mb of additional disk space - $2 per month
    Need more disk space? For just $2 additional cost per month you can get 500 MB additional space added to your website. This is helpful when you have large jobs to do or a lot of pictures to display. Note: we only offer additional disk space in 500 MB blocks.
  • 10 gb additional data transfer - $5 per month
    Stop the worry about data transfer rates! Now for as low as $5.00 per 10 GB/month you can boost your data transfer allotment up to what your needs require. We have designed this service for growing businesses who get a lot of press coverage or marketing exposure that drives traffic to the company's website.
  • Additional MySQL database - $1 per month
    We provide our customers with the MySQL Database and the phpMyAdmin interface.
  • Additional PostgreSQL database - $1 per month
    We provide our customers with the PostgreSQL 7.2.4 Database and the phpPgAdmin interface to configure and manage your tables.
  • Access for pgAdmin III - $15 per one IP/month
    pgAdmin III is a comprehensive PostgreSQL database design and management system for *nix and Windows systems. It is freely available under the terms of the Artistic Licence and may be redistributed provided the terms of the licence are adhered to. The project is managed by the pgAdmin Development Team.
  • CGI Script troubleshooting - $35 per hour
    We know that CGI scripting can be a challenge. Let one of our industry leading professionals take the headache away from troubleshooting your script. For just $35 per hour with a 30 minutes minimum we guarantee that we will fix your script.
  • Static IP address - $2 per month
    If you need to run SSL or anonymous FTP server you can order one IP address.
    Anonymous FTP allows you to place files for download in a location where anyone can download the file without a username and password. Note: all e-commerce packages come with one IP address already.

  • Proxy Hosting - $5 per month
    If you need to surf the web anonymously you can order proxy hosting.